Primary Goal

The organisation's primary goal is to help the deprived youth of Africa to develop their fullest potentials, through increased access to education, with a view to preparing them for meaningful participation in national development.

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Promote Education

To participate in the activity of educating, teaching, training, and imparting knowledge, ideas, and skills to children and youth, both within the formal education system and informally, to give youth the skills to be empowered to fully participate in society.

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Developing Skills

We participate in developing the skills and potential of youth to take the lead in their own development and the development of their communities by enhancing their expertise and awareness about relevant issues and their community, such as youth training on cultural diversity.

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The Codewit Global Network believes in the power of education – and thus promotes mental emancipation as a key foundation for realizing African economic determinism and political freedom. Although it is an African organization, the Codewit Global Network stresses that its work benefits society.  For example, it is committed to helping all people discover and appreciate African enormous blessings and heritages.  To that end, it provides resources, such as its website, free of charge to advance the knowledge of African people. The organization also promotes and facilitates the development of an active inter-related, progressive African community through networking, and electronic technology.


A core belief is that equal opportunity for education should be for every African as a key weapon to fight for a new Africa. Since its inception, the Codewit Global Network has campaigned and organized educational seminars in Africa on the importance of youth education and used such forum to advance the Youth capacity building, Youth education and empowerment, Youth leadership etc.

The Codewit Global Network argues that African problems must have an African solution and therefore proposes eight principles that African leaders must undertake to address African problems. This system of philosophical thought is attributed to Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi, in his work the new African man.


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