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CGN started as a student organization in March 2003. The organization was founded by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi, as an attempt to provide a supportive environment for African students in Malaysia, to unit and celebrate diverse African cultures, as well as discuss issues pertaining to Africa. The organization was initially referred to as the African Students’ Association and was part of INTIMA, a student government under the INTI International University College in Sarawak. At that stage, it was an organization with members from various African countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Namibia and others. In 2003, the organization staged a world-class event and charity program called “African Night”, to promote the image of Africa to the Sarawakian populace and donated the proceeds to charity. The following year, the organization hosted numerous African events and cultural nights and was awarded the winner and the best international cultural performance at the Kuching Festival in 2004.

Under the chairmanship of Mr Onwutalobi Anthony-Claret, they organized the first African convention 2005 in Malaysia and subsequently, launched the maiden edition of Mind opener Magazine. In June 2006, the organization underwent a structural change to widen their scope of operation. It was during this period that it opened its membership to everybody, was separated from the student organization and became known as the Codewit Global Network rather than the African Students’ Association.
The organization has therefore worked very closely with INTI International University College and together has staged campus-wide events that enrich the cultural mosaic of Sarawak and embarked on youth education seminars in African Colleges and universities.
In 2007, the organization was formally registered in Nigeria and hence became an independent body. In the middle of 2007, the founder established the organization in Helsinki.


Codewit Global Network has been involved in a range of activities to promote and enlighten society about Africa, and to provide confidence to Africans suffering from complexes. Currently, the organization is engaged in humanitarian services, youth education programs and seminars, and HIV/AIDS awareness programs. They are also keen to help educate our African youth and are willing to keep shining the light on human rights by writing extensively on the issues.
Codewit Global Network will begin to publish the Mind Opener magazine quarterly. The Quarterly will be a reader-friendly journal that will provide insight into the current situation of development and infrastructure in African countries. This quarterly will be the official journal (magazine) of Codewit Global Network.

Present Campaigns

Currently, CGN is at the forefront of those campaigning for fairer news coverage of the African continent and is protesting against the biased Western media coverage under the recently introduced petition to BBC and CNN. CGN is also active in promoting Africa’s enormous blessings, achievements and challenges. Its motto is: “Online Technology Gives Codewit Activists Real Power to Change the Status Quo – Without Taking to the Streets.”


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