African Convention Kuching Sarawak 2005

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African Government delegates and African students in Malaysia discussed issues pertinent to the future of African youths at the first African Convention (involving 15 African countries) held by African Students Association of INTI College Sarawak at Mary’ek hall, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia in 2005.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Onwutalobi Anthony-Claret, they organized the first African convention 2005 in Malaysia and subsequently, launched the maiden edition of Mind opener Magazine. In June 2006, the organization had a structural change to widen their scope of operation. It was during this period that it opened its membership to everybody and was separated from the student organization and become known as the Codewit Global Network rather than the African Students’ Association.
The organization hence worked very closely with INTI International University College and together has staged campus-wide events that enrich the cultural mosaic of Sarawak and embarked on youth education seminars in African Colleges and universities.