Codewism Philosophy

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The Codewit Global Network argues that African problems must have African solutions and therefore, proposes eight principles that African leaders must undertake to address African problems. This system of philosophical thought is attributed to Onwutalobi Anthony-Claret, in his upcoming work, ”The new Africa’ Mr Claret expanded on the work of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe in ”Renascent Africa” (1937). These principles are referred to as codewism philosophy and are characterized as follows:

Afro-Jingoism: To be a true patriot and defender of African values and culture without any apprehension or timidity.

Mental emancipation To be knowledgeable of African history and accomplishments, and to dismiss any kind of complex exhibited by any race or tribe.

Self-government: To expel from one’s self the notion that other world or country could help to solve African problems or help in governing African people.

Self-dependent: To believe in one’s self and to believe that one has full capacity and the ability and potential to fend for oneself and expel any notion of seeking pity or aid from a foreign world.

Economic determinism: To realize that being self-sufficient economically is the basis for rescuing the Renascent African.

Political renaissance: To regain the sovereignty that Africa has lost to colonialists.

Community social integration: To expel from one’s self national, religious]], racial, tribal, political-economic, and ethical prejudice.

Religious tolerance: To show empathy for other peoples’ views, and recognize their right to hold such views.