Africa Pause and Think by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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My fellow Africans,

Our suffering, our pain, and our present condition in Africa are no longer news. You know that we have prayed over it, we have cried, complained, and finally, we have given up to hope; a hope which seems to be fading away in almost all corners of our rich continent.

So I have a question for every African. Does it mean that God has forsaken us, or does it mean that we have not complained or prayed enough?  Or what is the cause of this predicament?  Where are we getting it wrong? And what should we do to change our predicaments? Because all I can see and feel now is a continent lurching from one disaster to another, populated by violent, offensive and ignorant politicians, who are looting our respective common treasury with the help of their external agents.

I don’t know if you are seeing this with me. If so

Should allow these hoodlums to continue to mess around with our beloved continents? Or should we rise up to reclaim our continent?

Do we continue to hope for change to come from nowhere? Or should we spearhead one?

Do you want us to continue to wait for or receive mere hand-outs or so-called (Humanitarian Aid) from the western countries or should we try to work our way up?

Should we continue to sit and watch our beloved continent decay and decline by the day? Or should we come together for the right that belongs to us?

Marked by the urgency of the call to remake our continent, I welcome you all to Codewit Global network, a movement bound together by ideology, and truth.

This movement is for every African who is willing to get involved in the cause of a New Africa. A new Africa championed by African citizens; a new Africa born out of a positive change. Change in our perception; change in our core values; change in who we are, and change that begins within us. The product of this change will emerge as “New Africans”, and only this New Africans can give birth to a New Africa.

Our movement is just like the movement of the great African American civil right activists’.  Dr Martin Luther King Jnr. and a cohort of others who worked bravely in the 1960s to liberate their enslave citizens. So if they could fight that hard to seek justice and equality those days…then we can do the same…. see what is happening in Africa now … so we equally can do the same to fight for justice, equity, education for our people… we must march non-violently through self-education and mental emancipation to liberate our people at home from the debacle of injustices, corruption, wars, poverty.

Remember that for over 400 years Black American suffered a great deal in America until just 40 years ago when young men and women began to ask questions …they embark on a journey of self-discovery and started questioning the system….saying no more business as usual. They sweat, suffered, some died in the process to make their point …..Yea it was tough but they never gave up…seeing some glimpse of hope today   …we can comfortably say now….that their effort was never in vain…… we are seeing the fruit of their labour as eminent Reverend Martin Luther King prophesied the day he was assassinated….. Is it not a son of Kenyan man ….The president of the United States of America…? An unimaginable thing in the world of 50 decades ago of racialist America…. You see…. so as those brave men and women paused one day….. Just one day to think …for their future… in Codewit Global Network, we have paused with them to think out a way forward for our new generation…. it is not going to be business as usual in Nigeria or any part of Africa… we must liberate our people from this mental slavery that has blinded us and make us hate ourselves to the extent that we care less about our tomorrow… look at Africa. See what is happening… look at Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, and most recently Nigeria…. See what is happening….? Is that life? See how few evil men and women are toying with fates of million innocent Nigerian citizens ….oh my friends, It should not continue….. So we must toe the same line of action of those brave men and women to reclaim our countries back from this devilish corrupt men and women …..You know it is not gonna be an easy task… just as it was never easy for those men and women who fought with Nelson Mandela during the apartheid days…. Or Martin Luther and civil rights leaders of 1960 or civil rights activists of other places….  So don’t be afraid my friend…change is coming to Africa….So we must do something… we must stand up to say “enough is enough”.

We do not need arms, we do not need nor do we encourage any form of violence; -far be it from us. No one achieves a just cause by an unjust means. All we need to enforce change is already in our hands. It is our will married with democracy…..Right now…, there is a wind on the horizon; it is called a wind of change. This wind is exploding from the will of the people. So my friend are you ready to jump in with everything you have because no one can stop this wind; it is the emergence of “New Africans”

So in Codewit Global Network, we are taking after those brave men and women now to question our own system……. To start my friend, firstly we need to do a lot of homework to discover ourselves. We must ask ourselves these hard questions like …who are we as a people?  Where did we get it wrong? What happened? Do we know my history? Who taught us to hate ourselves? Who taught us to hate our colour, our race, our language…. our heritage….. Who taught you that your colour made you inferior…who taught us that we can never be great scientists, engineers, whatever we want to be. Who taught you to feel inferior to other race…? Who taught you to appreciate things done by other race and not yours? So when you answer this question and begin to believe in yourself…that you can be whatever you want to be… Then we will begin to help our people to discover themselves too……remember knowledge is power… …

So we are committed to bringing Africans together under this umbrella of change. We believe in the greatness of Africa.

So my friends join us today to become a New African, which will bring us one step closer to a new Africa.

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