Codewit Self Development Workshop 28-08-2010

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Workshop ThemeRole and Place of African Immigrants in the Finnish Society

Our premier workshop is an intensive, four hours face-to-face workshop that we typically run with 30-40 participants and 5-7 facilitators and three professional speakers. This length and intensity of workshop will allow participants to make significant progress in understanding and exploring the difficulties faced by African immigrants in integrating into Fiinish society and  hence explore ways immigrants can contribute and participate in the professional environment.

Summary: African Immigrants have a history of over 45 years of presence in Finland. A lot of them within this years have passed through school of higher learning and have acquired skills ; both language and technical skills necesary to participate(professionally)  in the Finnish labor market. But Unfortunately only few success stories  have been recorded. Most immigrants and graduates who have enjoyed the relatively cheap but high  quality education want to give back to Finland. They want to contribute to the society to show appreciation of the free education they enjoyed. But it seems difficult.   So what is the cause of low success stories, where are we getting it wrong? what need to be done?Who do we need to contact?

In this workshop, Codewit Global Network Ry have invited few personnels who are working in the professional environment  to  come and share their experiences and join us to explore on this issue. We have also the Finnish Director of immigration Affairs who will be speaking on work and  immigration issues. We will try to  identify the potentials of African Immigrants in Finland, their limitations and strengths and seek for  opportunities  and way forward. In the workshop, We will therefore explore extensively on how African immigrants can be integrated into Finnish society  and thus be assimilated into Finnish labor market. We need African immigrants and Finns to be involve in this program. We need to explore our vision for the future because  We know Africans to be resourceful and hardworking. So come and register your voice. Every opinion counts.

We are of the opinion that the aforementioned event will go a long way to strengthen the relationship between Africans and the Finnish populace and foster the spirit of multiculturalism.

Main Topic:

  1. Immigration, immigrants and the city of Helsinki by Dr. Annika Forsander
  2. Immigrants and Integration process through enterpreneurship in Finland by Dr. Evariste Habiyakare
  3. Intercultural communications Skills by Madam Oge Eneh
  4. Integration of African Immigrants into the Finnish society
  5. Causes of high rate of unemployment among African Immigrant


  1. Dr.  Annika Forsander (Director of Immigration Affairs, Helsinki, Finland)
  2. Dr. Evariste Habiyakare, Phd, Senior lecturer Haaga-Helia university of Applied Science
  3. Madam Ogeh Eneh – Culture Producer, CAISA International Cultural Center, Finland
  4. Many More….

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